40% of NSW students told us that getting a job was a major concern*. We want to help reduce that anxiety.
How To Find A Job Program
40% of NSW students told us that getting a job was a major concern*. We want to help reduce that anxiety.
What is the CareerHQ How to Find a Job Course?
10 module course

Help students:

  • looking for their first job
  • to write their first CV
  • with interview preparation
  • boost confidence
  • and be prepared for future
About the course
Each module has a video presentation which lasts less than 15 minutes. There is an accompanying workbook with activities linked to each module. It’s important that users complete the workbook tasks to get the full benefit of the course.
Why was the course created?
Feedback from students and teachers told us that often students are not sure where to start when it comes to finding a job. This course was created to give students, teachers and parents a resource which covers all the basics those preparing for the world of work will need.

Students tell us their top three concerns are:

  1. School or Study problems
  2. Coping with stress
  3. Getting a Job

and 62% of students would like to see more time and resources given to career classes and preparation for future pathways at school. Careers classes, and jobs skills development and interview training are highly valued by students. *

10 modules to complete

We want you to succeed so we give you everything we know you might need

10 Modules To Watch

A 10 module program designed to help students prepare for the world of work.

Program Workbook

A workbook with exercises to match each module in the program.

Industry Expertise

Our program is designed by an industry expert to help you feel more confident about finding a job. Arming you with all the knowledge you'll need to succeed. 

Some of our course lessons
Module 1
Introduction to the Program

This lesson introduces us to The CareerHQ: How to Find a Job Program and your instructor, Natasha Edwards.

Module 4
Creating an effective CV

This lesson explains why you need a CV. It gives us a framework for writing your own. 

Module 9
Managing interview

Coaching techniques that can be used when you feel nervous to be feel calmer and in control.

Got a question?
If you have a question about the course please contact us
Let's get you started on the How to Find a Job Program!
Choose your option:
Individual Users:
For $295 you have access to the How To Find A Job Program. Ten modules created by an industry expert with exercises to complete for each module. When you've finished the program you'll have considerable resources to help you feel more confident in how to find a job.
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For Schools
We have packages available for schools to give access to the How To Find A Job Program for your whole school, to add the program in to your existing CareerHQ tools or to combine access to the CareerHQ Compass and the How To Find A Job program. Contact us for details. 
Do I need to do the CareerHQ Compass before I do this course?
Whilst you don't have to complete the CareerHQ Compass first, to get the most out of the course it is recommended that you do.
Do I have to complete the modules in order?
Yes, the modules are locked and in order to access the next module you must complete the one before.
Do I need internet access to complete my workbook?
No, once you have downloaded the workbook you can complete it offline.
Can I only use a laptop or can I use a mobile device too?
You can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to complete the course. However, filling in your workbook will be easier on a larger device.
What can I do with the workbooks?
Keep your workbooks somewhere safe so that when you are ready to start looking for a job, whether it;s a part time role after school or your first big career move, you have the tools to support you. The elements of this course can be used to help you find a job both now and in the future.
I've forgotten my password
If you've forgotten your password please use the "log in to the course site" link in any of your unlocked module emails and go through the forgotten password process.
What if I haven't received my access email?
Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder in case our email has gone there. 
School Access
Individual Access
Career Assistance
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* as ‘Data taken from Understanding the Voice of Young People across NSW April 2021’